Keep It Secret, Keep it safe!

My two main hobbies are Photography and Mountain biking. Sounds like a good combination right? Biking gets you to some awesome viewpoints and is a great way to get out to harder to access locations. If your with mates, a rider in the foreground can add another element to a landscape.

Ready To Go!

Why is it then that so many photographers I speak to who also Mountain bike either do one or the other? Usually it’s for two reasons. DSLR’s are heavy and fragile. Sure there are other solutions, such as packing a smaller camera. I do sometimes take a basic compact. Often it will get a decent capture, usually I want more control. Sure buying a small DSLR or ‘Bridge Camera’ might help, but I’d rather take that same money and spend it on something I can use on the 7D.

And that’s how I end up covered in mud, in bushes and at the top of peaks with my camera. Sure it’s a risk, but that’s what camera insurance is for! You are not going to get any shots leaving your camera at home. I’ve even taken the DSLR to a ‘Super D’ race that I was competing in. At the start line I took off a few meters down the track to snap some shots as there are intervals between riders. I only just managed to get back to the bike in time before my own start. I didn’t have the bike in the right gear at the start line, but I got some good shots. Sure if I was competing even semi-seriously I wouldn’t want the extra bulk.

Makara Super D

I do have to cut down on gear though, normally just taking one lens. If you are familiar with where you are going, it’s good to already have some shots in mind. When covering distances or just having fun on the downhill, having an idea of where to stop and how to set up in advance means you can still enjoy your ride. This is twice as handy if your riding buddies have to put up with your photography hobby.

8mm Fisheye + Slave Flash

Despite some rather large bails I haven’t done any damage – well to my camera’s at least. I do try and get Magnesium alloy bodies which helps with this and shooting in marginal weather.



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