Leaving The Camera Behind

Despite my previous post, there are times when the best thing to do is keep the camera at home. While the examples here mostly relate to Mountain biking, the theory is universal.

The last couple of times I have been out on the bike I have left the camera at home, either because of time restrictions or because I’m more focused on riding that day. Each time though I have had a good idea for a future shot on a later outing. Sometimes you get the best inspiration when you really aren’t looking for it. It also means that on the next ride I can let anyone I’m riding with know where I want to stop and I already know how to set up the shot with minimal riding time wasted.

This is of course only good if it’s a trail or area that you can get to again easily enough. Also you might be wanting to return at a certain time of day to get the right light or in certain weather. I have looked out the window previously and known exactly which trail and photo I want to try for that week.

Exploring or just going for a drive without a camera, or with a camera but not trying to force a shot can have the same effect. Hopefully you don’t see something out of the blue that cannot be recaptured later on though…

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