You Can’t Control The Weather – Good!

For a while I had wanted to head out to the Makara wind farm. On a clear day you can see the South Island across the ocean in the distance. The day was perfectly clear and I was going for an ideal postcard style photo. Windturbines in the foreground, South Island in the background, maybe some high cloud?

As I drove closer, it was soon apparent this was not to be. There was a huge dark cloud over the coast. The closer I got, the blacker it looked. Clear skies and sun in every other direction. I seriously considered turning around and going somewhere else. That said, what could the harm be in scouting the location so I have shots in mind when the weather is clear.

Pulling into the car park, I couldn’t even see the turbines. Grabbing the camera I went for a walk anyway, but couldn’t see anything. Heading for the high point there was a gap in the weather just for a second, lighting up the nearest wind turbine. Just enough time to get a couple of shots between my 20mm and 50mm prime.

Luck was on my side in the end that day, but I will be heading out that way again and maybe get a clear day next time?

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  1. quibbleon · · Reply

    I find that the best photographs come when the weather is cruddy and/or changing from good to cruddy or vice versa.
    This is a good photograph. Much more interesting than a sunny day “record” shot.

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