One of my favourite pieces of glass is my Sigma 20mm Prime. It’s a lens that has been a lot of places with me and is usually in my kit. 20mm has a lot of uses, I use it for close-up’s as well as landscapes. It has many other uses though, such as getting surroundings or context in an action shot.

Please keep in mind that this blog entry is a brief overview of what a 20mm lens can do and not a hardware review of this lens.

I’m using a Canon 7D and before that, a 20D, both camera’s have a crop factor which means a 20mm for me is more like a 30mm on a traditional 35mm camera body.

The 20mm can be a great lens to keep on the camera when walking around. It’s perfect for capturing details close up or getting a wide landscape or cityscape shot. Keeping the 20mm on the camera can make you think about positioning a lot more. Because it’s a prime lens, there is no zoom. You have to use your feet to get closer or further in relation to the subject. It also forces you to be more aware of the length of your lens, and which lens is best to use when you have other lenses available.

Certain lenses can be good at niche styles of photography, and while I’d say a 20mm lens is ideal for landscape photographers, it’s versatile enough for me to recommend it to anyone. Sigma also do a 10-20mm lens which I only hear good things about.`

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