Need Inspiration? Walk The Dog.

Everybody gets stuck in a rut. Shot the same thing heaps. Can’t think of anything to shoot. Been everywhere. Sometimes the best solution is to do something where photography isn’t the primary objective, but may give you an opportunity. For me this can either be Mountain Biking or Walking the dog.

A big part of photography can be the mindset. If you are going somewhere specifically to take images, you can often over think it or get in a mindset that you aren’t going to get anything worth keeping. Once you get into a negative mindset, it can be hard to maximize what you have to work with. If you are concentrating on exploring, riding or you really need to take the dog somewhere anyway – you achieve something even if all your shots go pear shaped. Anything you do bag is a bonus. If you are having fun, photography will not seem like a chore.

Often the best part about walking the dog is how much they enjoy it. If your somewhere you can let Fido off the lead, it’s almost impossible not to smile when the dog is running around so interested in everything. Dogs seem to express sheer joy and wonder at their surroundings, tapping into this is a great boost for creativity. And if the scenery is a bit dull, get a photo of your dog having fun. Dogs (at least mine) are completely unpredictable and you never know what your going to capture.

The below shed image is an example of exploring looking for a dog walk. Possibly not a day I’d venture so far out otherwise, but I was fascinated by the textures on the building which were really brought out by the drab weather.

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  1. Great shots and the dog is so cute!
    Please check out my blog and let’s follow each other!

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