I love road trips. There’s nothing like grabbing some good tunes, your camera and maybe some mates and hitting the road. It’s a good way to recharge your batteries as well as your creativeness. Sometimes you’ll have shots in mind, sometimes you will just go with whatever comes up. Either way, not being on a strict scheduled and seeing new places will create a huge amount of good photo opportunities.

Be prepared to pull over to investigate anything interesting and make sure you are out in the early morning and late afternoon light as much as possible as this is when landscapes really start to light up magically. This will maximize your chances, but don’t write off other  parts of the day, or even sub-par weather as these can show off other aspects of the landscape, or even compliment them also.

The great thing about Roadtrips in New Zealand is that the country seems to have a lot of micro-climates. You don’t seem to have to drive far in any direction before the landscape differs dramatically. If you are stopping or passing through somewhere, try to get off the beaten track a little. See if you can figure out what is unique to the area and if you can capture it in an image. Going for a walk is great to stretch the old legs, but it may also give you a new angle.

One thing is for sure though, if you can afford a tank of gas and some snacks, it sure beats sitting at home on your day(s) off.

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