Epic Roads From Flickr

After my last post about roadtrips, I thought I’d continue the theme and find some amazing photo’s from Flickr that just inspire you to drive. Roads are not generally regarded as being pretty, but if you ask me they can add an element to a landscape. Roads can be used as strong composition elements, leading lines or for viewers to imagine themselves travelling into the image.

The Flame – by Daniel Bosma

Mountains can add an enormous sense of scale to an image. Here the road leading straight to the mountain makes for some great symmetry. I also love how the image is mostly grey and blue, apart from the brilliant yellows to the side of the road. The yellow and amazing light really make this image pop. Looking at this image, I just want to be at this location myself.

Ash filled sky during “Grimsvötn volcano” eruption #3 – by Sverrir Thorolfsson

Seeing this on Flickr was an instant favourite. The light is amazing, making the rocks to the side of the road really stand out. I love images with dark sky’s and sunlit foregrounds, and combining this with such a harsh alien landscape makes for a really dramatic image. The road adds contrast and interest to the foreground.

Road in Namib-Naukluft National Park – by Kuba Abramowicz

Beautiful colours and exotic wildlife give this landscape a lot of appeal. I love the balance of this image and moody sky. I bet following this road leads to some more amazing places.

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