Same Spot, Different Lens

I thought I’d share these on here as they are a good example of two different ways to tackle a scenario. When I got to this beautiful spot at the river I knew I wanted to go wide. With the boys in bright colours and the 20mm already attached to the camera I decided to start with a panoramic shot. The dog and the boys were in different frames, but they didn’t overlap so the shot worked out quite well.

I would of liked to rotate it to the left a little more, but I was starting to cut the frame more than I wanted. This image was made up of four frames.

From the viewfinder the shot seemed like it would come out well, but I was curious how the bend would come out with the 8mm Fisheye attached. Turned out I could get the whole bend in without having too much sky or foreground. Because of distortion I framed this one so that the scenery was the main focal point.

Both shots give quite a different feel. Even if you don’t take the shot, it can be worthwhile sticking on an alternative lens and having a peep through the viewfinder.

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