Make The Most Of Wet Weather

Currently as I’m writing this, it is a bleak, bleak day outside. It’s pretty hard to find motivation to leave the house, and even if I did – why bring a camera? The light is dull, there is no visability due to rain, and the sky will just be a blown out featureless white.

The thing is, everyone takes photo’s in the sun. Clear blue skies are done to death. Taking photo’s in the rain requires commitment and effort. Sure the weather may look washed out and depressing, but every now and then you might get some brilliant sun breaking through the bad weather which will make for a much more dynamic shot. Sometimes grey skies can add great tone to an image, or can purposely be blown out to highlight the subject. Depending what you are shooting the more even light (pre diffused) can be desired.

Wet weather is completely unpredictable and getting a good shot can depend a lot on luck. The thing is that you have to go out to have any chance of having any luck. If you don’t get a good shot, a good coffee on a cold day can make it all worthwhile. Would you really of got anything done at home anyway, or would you stay in bed with the heater going otherwise?

Seaview on a clear day (taken 2010)

Seaview on a rainy day (taken 2013)

Above are two images taken from a similar position. The first is a pretty clear day, while the second was taken on an absolutely miserable day. I was Mountainbiking that day and the extra weight of the camera paid off as the sun was trying to come out by the time we got to the top of the climb.

The ocean seems to be a great place to go on moody days. As well as maybe getting a shot with some dramatic tides or waves, you are likely to be able to balance the water against a cloudy sky quite nicely, often with rays of light or downpours rolling in. The image below is another example of an image taken on a pretty standard day that I decided to walk the dog but bring the camera ‘Just in case’, without expecting to use it.

The Interislander

It’s a shame then that so many people leave their camera’s at home, or simply don’t go out unless it is a ‘postcard’ day. Grab a jacket and a camera and see what you can find!

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