Gotcha #2

Recently I posted about how I always saw Tuis close by when I didn’t have my camera. It seems that the best way to get shots is to arouse their curiosity by doing chores. Last time I kept the camera near me when gardening, this time I was clearing out the gutter. It seems that the top of my roof is quite near to a tree that they like. Not only did a curious Tui stay put long enough for me to get an image, but I also got a song.

It was kind of tricky scooting along the roof to a spot with minimal branches in the way and manually focusing at the same time. Being a bright day and trying to expose for dark feathers was tricky as well, I was concerned about blowing highlights in the background.

I haven’t had many chances to get out and get images lately, so it’s very handy to have such beautiful native birds around. I’m definitely keeping the camera primed when doing chores about the house.

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