Awesome Waterscapes From Flickr

When I first started this Blog, one of the original ideas was to share some of my favorite shots and artists from Flickr. I have amazing contacts, and their photo’s provide daily inspiration and eye candy.

To start with I have selected a bunch of beautiful Waterscape (I’d say Seascape, but they are not all from the ocean) images that have been taken recently by my contacts. While they are all the same rough theme, each stand out as individually beautiful images, and each has it’s own style.

The Flame – by Christian Lim

Absolutely beautiful blues and whites, almost a tri-tone. All kinds of white and blue tones in this image and great textures with a hint of pink in the sky. A very dramatic and cool landscape that still manages to be warm and calming.

Guardian Angel – by Alan

A good Black and White photo should have a very strong composition and a great range of contrast. Black, white and every shade in between. My opinion also is that a good Black and White image should look as though it was always intended to be seen this way, not just a colour image that was turned to grey scale because the colours weren’t great. Guardian Angel by Alan does everything right.

Moments Of Magic – by Daniel Bosma

What strikes me immediately about this image is how abstract it is. The composition is great and there are some very strong shapes in the image with almost flat colours. Moments of Magic looks like a Cubist oil painting, without looking over edited, it’s still a very traditional photograph. Because of this, the image fascinates me.

Thanks again to my Flickr contacts, hopefully you don’t mind me sharing your work. If you have enjoyed the images, they are all linked to the artists so get in there and enjoy some delicious photography.

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  1. i hope at some point of my life, I can reach similar level than those photographers. amazing, and thanks for sharing.

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