I have been doing a lot of gardening lately. While doing this I have become familiar with some of the local birds that hang around, and which tree’s they often visit. I often see a couple of Tui, but it seems that I only ever see them when my camera is packed up. Checking the mail. Tui. Pulling in the driveway from work. Tui. Unlike the native Wood Pigeons, Tui don’t stay in one place happily until I get my camera.

Often I keep the camera set up and waiting to go near where I’m working, but it works like a Tui repellent. If I do see them, then they are in the worst place and obscured by other branches. I evened the odds by getting rid of some of these extra branches, and the other day it paid off. A Tui came and did a quick dance on a branch (they really do not stay still) and promptly flew away again. I did manage to get a shot though.

Unfortunately the tree in the background was chopped down but I hadn’t had a chance to remove it. The lighter background does make the bird pop, but is a bit too bright so it’s hard to make out the white tuft of feathers on it’s neck.

I have a heap more work to do though, so hopefully I’ll have a few more chances to shoot these guys in my yard.

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  1. beatiful bird and branches. Great photo, get it printed and framed 😉

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